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At Ainsdale Health & Fitness we have a wide range of facilities available for the general public to use.

There is something here for everyone, whether you're trying to gain or lose weight, tone up or just simply build up a base tan, Ainsdale is here to help you achieve the body that you want to. For more detailed pictures, click here or on the images.

Some of the facilities that we can offer you are:

A fully furnished gym

A range of Cardiovascular equipment, including Treadmills, Rowing Machines and Cycling Machines. Additionally there are also Free Weights or if you prefer, there are weight machines that can excercise specific muscle groups.

A large studio

The studio features a mirrored wall and laminate flooring, and includes equipment such as excercise balls, foam mats and more.

On-site shower and toilet facilities

Freshen up and get rid of the sweat you've produced after a good workout.

Sauna & Tanning Booths

For those interested working up a sweat in a different way, or those who just want to build up a healthy tan.

Coffee Shop

If you feel you need to relax before or after you begin your routine, or if you're waiting for a friend, then our coffee shop is the ideal place to that.

Lockers & Storage

There are also lockers for storing your possessions while you excercise